Mistress Phone Sex - Domination Phone Sex

I am Mistress Sabrina. This is Mistress Phone Sex. Don't quit your day job. You'll need it to pay me.

This site is about catering to all of your dominant woman phone sex fantasies. It is about control, Mistress phone sex fantasies, bitchy woman fantasies, and beyond.

It is about domination. It is about owning you and your cock. It is all about your servitude to an absolute Goddess.

I am not a traditional BDSM dungeon play Mistress. No. I am the sexual goddess you fantasize about who has the power to bend you over and fuck you with my strap on just because I want to. I make you serve and service me just because I can. I require you to pamper me and do my bidding just to get one iota of my attention. I am every girl you worshiped from afar. I will degrade you and torture you while playing with your mind.

Mistress Phone Sex Specialties:

I am open to all phone sex roleplays and fantasies, so come prepared with what you crave. I do, of course go beyond the scope of this list, and if you would like me to confirm that I can accomodate your fantasy simply drop me an e-mail at sabrina@officedomme.com and we can discuss. Do not waste my time.

My Specialties:

Slave Training / Assignment Work

Financial Domination

Sissy Phone Sex & Sissy Training

Small Penis Humiliation

Toilet Mistress Play / Piss Play / Human Toilet

Tease and Denial Phone Sex

Forced Bisexuality, Strap On Cock Fantasies

Blackmail Fantasies

Ass Worship, Body Worship, Foot Worship

Chastity Mistress

Fetish Play

and, of course, Office Domination Phone Sex Fantasies

Again, this list is by no means comprehensive. I welcome contact, and I especially welcome clear indication that you are serious in your desire to serve.

Mistress Phone Sex with the Office Domme

Why are you here?

You want to fuck your secretary. You want to fuck your boss. You want to fuck the office bitch.

You think about her while you jerk your cock. You think about her while you fuck your wife. You want her.

Every day she makes work a little bit more exciting. You see her on projects, putting men in their place, controlling the scene.

Or she runs around in her short skirts, teasing the men as she drops paperwork on their desks.

The secretary. The boss. The bitch. You know that she would do things you couldn't even imagine if you got the chance. SHE WOULD OWN YOU.

I will own you.

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All calls $2.00 per minute with 10 minute minimum. Charges appear as "1-866-995-7474 Symmetry Concepts"; see my rates & billing page for more information.